call for sessions!

The Kansas and Missouri Chapters of the American Planning Association, in partnership with the Kansas City Section of the American Planning Association, announce its call for sessions, presentations, and mobile workshops, for the 2018 Bi-State Planning Conference, October 24-26, 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. The feedback from the previous conferences was that participants liked the regular sessions but they also enjoyed the Planning Slams and Deep Dives. So we are bringing them all back in addition to mobile workshops and the planning commissioner training!

SESSIONS: Two to four speakers in a 60 to 75 minute time slot (generally 15 minutes per speaker with 15 minutes for questions). If you are one person and have a 15-minute presentation, go ahead and propose your presentation and we will see if we can combine you with others to make a session.

PLANNING SLAM: These are sessions with multiple speakers who each have 6 minutes for presenting and 6 minutes for questions and answers. The topics include anything that is a quick planning tip, trick, or technique. Did an exercise work really well at that one meeting? Do you have a clever way of preparing staff reports? A success story we can learn from? A not-so-success story we can learn from? Let us know at a “Planning Slam!”

DEEP DIVE: Deep Dives can be one or multiple presenters who want to take the time, 1.5 hours, to go in-depth on a topic. Each Deep Dive must include a short presentation, demonstration, and hands-on learning exercises. Participants will want to try things out and learn by doing.  Deep Dives will also include the Law and Ethics sessions.

MOBILE WORKSHOPS: Mobile workshops can be by bus, bicycle, or walking and will be from one to three hours in length.

Who Should SubMit?


Anyone is eligible to submit a proposal (including planning students), whether or not he or she is a member of APA. If you have a particular expertise or have recently completed a planning initiative that others may learn from, we encourage you to submit. Attendees are particularly interested in case studies with usable take-away points.

What Benefit do Speakers get? 

Speakers will receive a discounted conference rate and build their resumes by demonstrating their expertise and contributions to the profession. If you are an AICP member, you can receive CM credits for being a speaker. Academics can get credit for a state conference presentation and/or for service. If selected to present, registration must occur no later than June 30th to be guaranteed the discount and presentation slot.

WHat Topics Are of SPecial Interest? 

Session proposals, workshops, & presentations on any topic are welcome. “Planning For Tomorrow” is the conference theme and topics related to the theme are especially welcome. Proposals on any topic are welcome. The following are topics suggested by those who attended previous conferences:

Rural and county planning - Infrastructure finance - Grassroots initiatives - Regional perspectives - Efficient review processes - Keeping and attracting quality planners - Preventing age segregation - Social justice - Ridehailing - Public health - Urban economics - Career development - Emerging technologies - Retail revolution - Coordinating with nontraditional or affinity professions - Resiliency - Water issues - AirBnB and planning issues

How Do I submit? 

All proposals must be submitted online by May 11, 2018 at midnight.  Incomplete proposals may be rejected due to a lack of information. For more information about Call for Sessions/Presentations/Mobile Workshops, please contact Lisa Koch at